Casino Games

If you’ve ever wondered about online casino games, this is the page for you. Here we give you more information about casino games that you can play in all different devices and on a lot of different casino sites in the UK. First of all we can say that there are 1000’s of different games you can play. There are slot machines, table games, money wheels and different bingo or lotteries. So if you have any interest of gambling then casino games will meet your needs.

So check out some more information below about all casino games that you can find in online casinos nowadays.

Which casino games can you play?

casino games ukThere are a lot of different casino games that you can play these days. We have been getting lots of new game providers in recent years. That has led to a lot of new casino games as well. So let’s have a look below of which casino games that you can play. And all these games you can play online both in mobile devices and computer.

  • Slots
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Live Casino
  • Jackpot games
  • Video poker
  • Scratch cards
  • Video slots

These are some of the most popular ones but there are many more games as well. Depending on where you’re playing you will find different selection of games. Some sites might not offer as many while others will have them all. So in order to find out who offers the most games, we’d suggest that you read reviews about the sites before signing up with a new site. Something else you can do is to use their search function to make sure they have your favorites. Do note that not 100% of all games are available on mobile devices, but most games would be.

Play free casino games

If you are looking to play free casino games this would be possible as well. It can be done in a few different ways which we will be explaining in this section. First off it is possible to play almost all games completely for free. This is done with play money and is available so that you can try the game and its features before you decide to play the game with real money. It’s a great way to get familiar with the game before you actually start to play it for real. On top of this it’s possible to play for free with free spins. You can get no deposit free spins in various offers, but the most common ones are in welcome offers and in loyalty programs. You then don’t have to risk your own money and you get spins for free to try out games with.

As a last option you can get free bonus money or free cash in offers. Some sites offers no deposit bonuses for their new customers for example. This allows you to try out the games and the site for free before you deposit. You also have a chance to win real money with this bonus which is always nice. Free cash is usually gained from loyalty programs or in cashback offers that casino sites run from time to time. So there are a few ways to play a casino game for free.

Casino games with bonuses

Casino bonuses is something that can give you as a player a lot of extra value. If you are looking to get some extra money then a bonus is perfect for you. A bonus is given either as a no deposit bonus or a deposit bonus. They are usually found within promotions on the sites, in their welcome offer or in their loyalty programs etc. While a no deposit bonus can be nice to try out the casino site with, it won’t give you nearly as good value as a deposit bonus. Normally the free bonuses are small with a high wagering requirement as there is no risk from the player’s side. With a deposit bonus you can double up your own deposit and these bonuses also has a lower wagering requirement most of the time.

All casino bonuses are available to play casino games with. It’s important to remember that all casinos has different terms and conditions for their bonuses. Because of this it’s very important that you read those terms before you use a bonus. For example if you are playing table games or live casino, it will not count 100% towards the wagering requirement. However there are live casino bonuses of which live casino games would contribute 100% towards the wagering, but they would instead come with a higher wagering requirement.

Casino games in mobile & tablet

Are you one of many players online who doesn’t own a computer anymore? But you have a mobile or tablet and would like to gamble online? Don’t worry, the technology has made this possible already a while back. I don’t many people thought they’d be able to play casino games in their smartphone when they first arrived. This wasn’t the focus either for the first few years of the smartphones existence. As many of the mobiles that was produced in early stages wasn’t strong enough there wasn’t many who put any focus into developing a working system around it when it comes to online gambling. However, since better and stronger mobiles and the tablets was released, the usage started to increase.

As the demand grew and the technology was available, the game developers and the casino sites started to really develop their mobile sites and games. We also got something quite recently that’s called HTML5 format. With this you can essentially get any game developed with this to work on any device. That is why we can see an increasing amount of games online be available in your mobile & tablet. Now days it’s mainly the older games that you can not play on all devices. But you can play hundreds of slots and other games via you mobile already now and the selection of games keeps on growing.

Casino games in UK casinos

The casino games in UK casinos are a bit less than in other markets. This is because of the UKGC licence rules that they implemented in late 2017. The rules for games and free spins etc was tightened up as they saw flaws in the system that was used before. For example the games with “childish” themes were removed from UK casinos in order not to attract minors to gamble online. The commission thought that if you offer casino games on a casino site online, it will attract minors to come and play as well. Therefore they made this change and many games disappeared from the market.

Although some of the games has been removed from the market it is by no means a small amount of games. You still have a very wide selection of games in UK casinos so there’s nothing to worry about there. It might just be that some of the favorites are gone until further changes to the licence. However as there are over 2000 other games to play, you’re certain to find something that you enjoy.