Online Live Casino

On this page we will give you all the information that you can need with regards to online live casino. This product has been growing ever since it was introduced a long time ago and it keeps on improving and getting better. In the live casino you can play games like the popular roulette and blackjack amongst many others.

So if you are interested in reading more about all of this then this is the page for you.

online live casinoWhat is online live casino?

An online live casino is something that you play where you can see everything happening live. It is different card games and such that requires a dealer to be present that you will play together with. It all plays out in a live casino studio where you’d have the table, the dealer etc all in the same frame and the picture of this is then transmitted from a webcam into your screen at home in real time. This is the most real casino experience that you can ever get without actually going to a land based casino. It’s possible to integrate with the live dealer and the other players as well if you wish to.

All of this is made possible by the game providers like NetEnt and Evolution Gaming. They are the leading game providers within live casino by far. They are then the ones who’s developed all of this for you to enjoy at the comfort of your home. With amazing technology and a great concept this is made possible to you.

The game developer will then get to integrate their games on a casino site where you will then create an account with so that later on you can play these games. So if you’re looking for something extra this is definitely for you.

Live casino in mobile & tablet

Something that is getting more popular is to gamble online with a mobile or tablet. Since the technology has developed in such a fast paste the last few years it has made the game developers and casino sites to step up their game as well. Therefore there is a big focus now on mobile devices from their end. If we take a look at Evolution Gaming for example, they’ve only got 2 roulette games that are not supported by mobile devices. That means that all their other games are available via mobile, tablet and computer. Now that’s quite impressive. That essentially means that you can play most online live casino games no matter where you are in the world. Just make sure to have a stable internet connection so that you won’t lose the connection to the game.

So if you for example don’t have a PC or simply prefer to gamble on your mobile devices, this is completely possible. The live streaming is available on your mobile and you’re also able to switch it off.

Play online live casino with bonus

Should you wish to play online live casino with bonus then this is also possible. A bonus is then something that would give you extra money to play with. Or you could get a bonus for free to try the live casino with for example. The free bonuses would mainly be found in welcome offers or in loyalty programs. They would however not reward you as high as a deposit bonus would. The best bonus to us if you want to play on live casino is the live casino bonus that requires a deposit. This is because a bonus like that would give you the most amount of bonus money. The wagering while playing in the live casino would also contribute 100% towards the wagering requirement.

There are also casino bonuses that would be available to play live casino games with. This type of bonus is mainly for slots however and therefore the wagering requirement might just normally count for 10% or 25% if you play on live casino games. However it’s still possible to do so should you wish to. Since the uk casino sites all have different wagering requirements it’s important to read them. Best thing is to read it before you accept the bonus so you know what applies before you start playing.

Online live casino – different games

Online live casino is a very big product now days and therefore it involves many different games. Only last year in 2017 we got to see a new game on the market that was released by Evolution Gaming. They are the leading game developer when it comes to live casino and they are not looking to lose their position. Hopefully we get to see more of these initiatives from other game developers as well going forward. It would be fun to see what they could bring us next. Here below you can then find some of the different games you can enjoy.

  • Live blackjack
  • Live roulette
  • Baccarat in live version
  • Different versions of live poker
  • A money wheel called ‘Dream Catcher’ that Evolution Gaming released by the end of 2017

These are then some of all the games that you can enjoy. Most of them also comes in different versions that may vary in the rules, minimum/maximum stake etc. So there’s a wide range of games that you can play and it fits all kinds of players.

Going forward

So what can we expect going forward from online live casino. Something that is for sure is that we will get to see new games and features. The question is more of when we will get to see this rather than if. The technology is here and the game developers have the ideas. We then just have to wait and see what they come up with and when it will be implemented. But the future for the live casino product for sure looks bright. It’s constantly growing as more and more people wants to get a real life experience.

Something else that we can expect more of is live casino bonuses. As the product is growing, the demand for bonuses will increase as well. These are all really positive things for us who loves the live casino product and all the games it offers.